Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Adventure Begins

You know where the most boring place in Azeroth is?

Northshire Valley.

There's the Abbey and a vineyard. That's it, other than a big wall that keeps anything interesting out.

You know where I grew up?

Guesses that aren't "Northshire Valley" don't count.

You know what isn't boring?


I've got a cousin in Stormwind. He's a Paladin, and he's spent years saving towns and doing secret missions for the king and slaying evil overlords!

Yeah, he's kind of stuffy with all his "Light this" and "Light that" and "King's honor", but when he visits, he's always got the most amazing stories about the old days.

I wrote him a letter a couple weeks ago. I told him that I want to go adventuring too, so that I can help people like he did. He knows blacksmiths in Ironforge, and I asked him if he could get some armor made for me, and I'd pay him back once I'd collected some bounties. There's always some bandit leader or something that the authorities want brought in.

Well, I got a letter back, and at first I thought he wasn't going to help me, because he was going on about how he would feel terrible if anything happened to me because he allowed me to put myself in a dangerous situation. But then he said that there are people who owe him favors that he'll never need for himself,  so he's going to have the best weapons and armor made especially for me! And he's even going to have them enchanted by a mage he knows!

He also said something about a special surprise that he's having commissioned by some gnomes he knows. I don't know if I should be excited or scared. At least he didn't say goblins...

I got another letter from him today. He said that everything has arrived, and he's hiring a courier to bring it out. It should arrive tomorrow! I'm so excited, I probably won't sleep.