Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Rock and a Hard Task

As I entered Redridge, the first thing I saw was one of the men who had been working on the bridge, pinned under a massive boulder. Even with six of them trying, they couldn't budge it. I tried to help them, but it wasn't enough to make a difference. Hopefully, I'll find some other way to help free him.

I spoke with the Magistrate and the local Marshal, and discovered that gnolls have been raiding Lakeshire regularly, taking supplies and people. I've been given a device called a "Gnomecorder" that will allow the Magistrate to talk to me while I'm in the field, and have been sent out to stop the gnolls and recover anything - and ANYONE - that they've taken that I happen to find.

Orcs. Wonderful.

They're Blackrock clan. The same clan that tried to invade Northshire. Let's just say that I'm NOT a fan. Via the Gnomecorder, Magistrate Solomon was able to read the orders I took from one of the orcs. They've been hired by Yowler, the leader of the gnolls to help attack Redridge, but the orders don't say why. I found something interesting in the cave here, in the possession of the gnoll tribe's shaman.

Apparently, this thing lets you mind control ettins. I bet one of those big guys could lift the rock right off the trapped worker. I'm going to find one, and see if this orb actually works.

How about that. It worked. With that out of the way, I returned to the gnoll encampment, to see if I could find this Yowler, and put an end to whatever he has planned.

I think I found the plans, but I can't read this orc gibberish, so I took it back to the Magistrate. It was worse than we could have imagined - the orcs and gnolls are amassing an army, and are planning on storming right through Lakeshire for a direct assault on Stormwind. The attack on Northshire was probably an advance unit, and when it was stopped, they found a different route - Redridge.

Magistrate Solomon seems convinced that we're all doomed, but Colonel Troteman, a retired officer who lives here, seems convinced that one of his former soldiers could lead a successful assault on the orcs - if I can convince him to take up arms again.