Friday, 20 March 2015

Sentinel Hill

I arrived at Sentinel Hill in the middle of a battle! Gnolls were attacking the outpost, and I leapt to the guards' aid as soon as I arrived. On one of their bodies, I found a set of written orders, telling the gnolls that they'd be well paid for the sacking of Sentinel Hill, and the release of "The Admiral".

Marshal Stoutmantle didn't know who this Admiral is supposed to be. There's only one captive here right now, and that's some homeless worgen that was caught attacking the transients around the walls.

We tried interrogating him to see if he had any idea who the gnolls were trying to rescue, but he was completely unhelpful. And rude.

The orders were sent by some goblin named Helix. It turns out that there's an SI:7 agent in Westfall trying to track him down. I've been sent to rendezvous with her, and maybe together, we'll be able to capture Helix!

Agent Kearnen sent me up into the tower with an invisibility potion to see if I could overhear what Helix was up to. I don't really know what's going on, but he was meeting with the same person who recruited the ogre mage earlier!

They're doing something in Moonbrook - tonight! Agent Kearnen has sent me to report to Marshal Stoutmantle, and to get new orders.

Marshal Stoutmantle wanted me report to Captain Alpert in Moonbrook, but before I did, I took a moment to talk to Hope Saldean. She'd heard about what happened to the Furlbrows, but didn't know what might have happened to them. Like many of the people around Westfall, she seemed happy to blame all their troubles on Stormwind, though.

Once I arrived in Moonbrook, I was sent off to find any information I could on when and where this meeting was supposed to occur. While poking around, I was set upon by bandits wearing red facemasks - made of the same red cloth I found on the gnolls near where the Furlbrows were murdered! Maybe the two are connected!

I did find out where the meeting was, and reported to Captain Alpert. The red masks confused him - he said that that used to be the symbol of the Defias, a gang that used to operate in Westfall. But they've broke up years ago, when their leader was killed. Maybe someone's trying to get them back together?

I guess I'll find out soon. In a few hours, I'll be sneaking into that meeting.