Monday, 23 March 2015

Defying the Defias

As we expected, the meeting was led by the shadowy figure I've been seeing around Westfall.

She was rallying the homeless to rise up and revolt against Stormwind, blaming the king for all the hardship they've been enduring. Judging from the crowd's reaction, they're more than happy to help her. I rushed back to Captain Alpert to report my findings.

He wants me to go talk to a shaman who's been studying the elemental disturbances around Westfall. The Captain thinks that he may be able to magically help me find out who the shadowy figure is. Thoralius, the shaman wants to put me into a trance that will send me to the spirit world. From there, I may be able to find what I need to know. He says that all I need to do is breathe the smoke from this incense.

It smells pretty bad. I think it's poop.

In the spirit realm, I was shown a scene from the past: A group of adventurers fighting and killing Edwin VanCleef.

And after they left victorious, his daughter came out of the cabin and discovered his murdered body.

I hurried back to Sentinel Hill to report back to Marshal Stoutmantle. I don't think that anyone was more surprised than he was when Hope Saldean interrupted my report and revealed that, before she was adopted, her name was Vanessa VanCleef! She admitted to being the one who had the Furlbrows killed, because they recognized her, even after so many years, and she couldn't risk them revealing her. She looked truly sad as she told us that, but her features quickly hardened as she called in a swarm of Defias, and ordered them to tie up the Marshal and his men and burn Sentinel Hill to the ground.

Before he was captured, Marshal Stoutmantle cut down the men who had grabbed me, and ordered me to take word to the king. I quickly mounted one of the gryphons and made my way to Stormwind.

I hope the Marshall and his men can make it out of there alive.

On the King's orders, I returned to Westfall after completing my report. I was to enter the Deadmines, and eliminate Vanessa VanCleef and her minions.