Wednesday, 18 March 2015

One Last Thing Before You Go...

I arrived back in Goldshire to another task awaiting me: There's been a request for help sent in from Sentinel Hill in Westfall, and I've been dispatched to help them out. It's late though, so I get to spend one last night at the inn here before moving on.

On the way to Westfall, I stopped at the garrison at the edge of Elwynn Forest, where the Deputy in charge hailed me to warn me to keep an eye out for gnolls; apparently, some of them have been crossing the river into Elwynn. There was also a bounty posted for their leader, a huge gnoll named Hogger.

Huge, indeed.

I managed to beat him into submission, and he was carted off to the Stockades in Stormwind. I'm not sure why he wasn't just executed. It's not like any of the other bandits are ever locked up; most of them are just killed on sight.

It looks like whatever's going on at Sentinel Hill will have to wait though. When I crossed the bridge, I met up with an investigator team of the Stormwind Guard. Their lieutenant recognized me as a deputy Warden from the badge I'd been given, and conscripted me to help with his investigation - the murder of two Westfall citizens and their horse, in broad daylight.

My first task was to interrogate the squatters on the nearby farm to see if any had seen anything. One claimed that a group of gnolls had been seen around the crime scene just before the investigators arrived, and another claimed that the Furlbrows had been murdered as part of a complex conspiracy hatched by the murlocs. I imagine that the gnolls were just scavenging the wreckage of the cart, and the murlocs... well, I think that guy might have been kicked in the head by a horse. But Lieutenant Laine sent me to find any clues I might be able to find. Yay. More murloc slime.

Neither of those leads turned up anything useful - just some red cloth, and some scraps of anti-Stormwind propoganda - so I've been sent to talk to an informant of Laine's, to see if he can help us track anything down.

It turned out that "Two-Shoes" didn't know anything useful, but he did know that something was going on in a nearby abandoned mine soon, so I went to see if I could find out anything useful.

I'm not sure I learned anything relevant, but someone in Westfall is recruiting ogres. That can't be good.

Two-Shoes also told me that some thugs started hanging out near the farm he's been squatting at, and they seem more organized. Like part of a gang. Now that might have something to do with what's going on here.

Good news: I heard them admit to killing the Furlbrows.

Bad news: They saw me, and I was forced to kill them in self-defense before I could figure out who they were working for.

Lieutenant Laine wants me to go talk to some farmer named Saldean in hopes that he can shed some light on things. When I arrived at his farm, I discovered that Farmer Saldean doesn't seem to be very fond of Horatio Laine. I don't know why, and I'm not going to ask, but it seems like they've got some sort of history.

Talking to him reveals why the Lieutenant wanted me out here though - Farmer Saldean uses his farmhouse to help house as many of Westfall's drifters as he can. If anyone here knows anything, it would have to be him. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a dead end, but Salma, his wife, thinks that their adopted daughter Hope might have heard something.

Hope works with the homeless people around Sentinel Hill. Farmer Saldean has offered to let me sleep at his farmhouse tonight. It looks like in the morning, I'll be back on track.