Monday, 16 March 2015


Did you know that murlocs are covered in a thick layer of sticky, fishy-smelling slime? And if you hit one, that stuff goes flying everywhere. It's like every monster I fight tries its hardest to be even more disgusting than the one before.

Jasperlode wasn't even as difficult to deal with as Fargodeep was: there were just a handful of disorganized kobolds there. They didn't even have a leader, and most of them seemed more interested in leaving than trying to defend the mine from me. Near the back of the cave, I came across a few dead kobolds wrapped in some sort of sticky cords and stuck to the walls. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I stopped at a stream I passed and cleaned off some of the murloc slime, and by the time I reached Guard Thomas, I had mostly dried off, but judging from the look he gave me, I imagine that I hadn't rid myself of the smell. He quickly informed me that there was another nearby village of murlocs that needed to be dealt with, and that there were a number of wild animals - mostly wolves and bears - getting too close to the logging camp, and told me to be off. As I was leaving, he told me to keep an eye out for the two guards he'd sent out yesterday to deal with the murlocs and wildlife, and have them report back if I found them.

I saw my first wanted poster! It was posted beside the bridge Thomas was stationed at. This James Clark character is wanted for so many things that Stormwind has placed a bounty on him - dead, with no "or alive" option.

I found James squatting in an unoccupied house in the Eastvale Logging Camp. On him I found evidence that he was working with local bandits. So when I turned in the bounty on his head, guess what? That's right. I was asked to drive out as many of them as I could, and if possible, find out who their leader is working for.

The bears and murlocs - I don't know how much of this is me, and how much is the enchantments on the gear I was given, but it seems like I'm getting better at this all the time. I found both of the missing guards. Or at least, I think so. One was in the murloc village, and the other near a wolf den. Both were mutilated beyond recognition. It was only because they were wearing Stormwind uniforms that I bothered to search them, and I found the insignia of the missing guards on the bodies.

The bandits seemed the worst of all. Marshal McCree recognized the insignia on the ring I brought back from their leader. He said that it was associated with the Defias, a criminal organization that I thought was wiped out years ago. Why would people be carrying around their symbols?