Thursday, 30 April 2015

Madness? This is Stranglethorn!

Near the pass between Duskwood and Stranglethorn, I met up with a Stormwind guard stationed there. He told me that the weekly report from the camp there was overdue, and asked that - if I was passing near it - I could check in with Kurzen, the Colonel in charge, and make sure everything was going well.

Just through the pass, I stumbled across a camp of Stormwind soldiers. I spoke with their leader, Lieutenant Doren, and he told me that they had originally served in Kurzen's Compound, It seems that something has driven Kurzen and most of his Lieutenants mad.

The Lieutenant is unsure what has caused the madness, but he's concerned that his remaining men have already been exposed, and might be more susceptible, so he's asked me to go try to find any documents that might explain what's been going on.

The documents I found didn't tell much, but they did reveal one thing - the final entry in the prison record stated that Colonel Kurzen was sentenced to death by being flung from the top of the tower for the crime of "Weakness".

I've been sent back to the compound to rescue any surviving prisoners on the assumption that they haven't actually committed the crimes that they're accused of; rather, Doren believes that they've been imprisoned because they resisted the madness, and opposed Kurzen's orders.

Freed from the magic-dampening properties of the cage, one of the prisoners was able to teleport us back to the rebel camp. Now that everyone is safe, I'm being sent back one last time - to eliminate Kurzen's maddened lieutenants.

While I was dealing with Kurzen's crazed lieutenants, one of Doren's men examined the potion that seems to have caused the madness, and thinks he might be able to counteract it. If it fails, at least they know what to avoid to keep the men sane. With Doren taking command of the compound, that leaves me free to press further into Stranglethorn Vale.