Thursday, 16 April 2015

Best Intentions

The next stop on my journey was the town of Darkshire, in the middle of the Duskwood.

I performed a few menial tasks, slaying undead and feral worgen encroaching on the town before being asked by a member of the Night Watch to investigate the abandoned tower on the outskirts of town. It had been abandoned for years, but recently, lights have been seen in the windows at night. Since the tower stands in the midst of undead-controlled territory, there are both concerns for the new inhabitant's safety, as well as fear that the newcomer might be a powerful undead or necromancer.

At the tower, I was greeted by an old man who introduced himself as Abercrombie. We briefly chatted, and he told me that he'd lived in this tower for some time now, and that he was surprised that he was only recently noticed in the area. He mentioned that he was glad that I'd dropped by though, as he needed some supplies from town, and with the undead that roam around, he didn't feel able to make the trip himself.

I have to say, some of the stuff he was asking for was weird. Like Ghost Hair Thread. I asked Madame Eva in town for some, like I was told to, but she was out. She says she can make more, if I get her some real ghost hair. No big deal, just take this comb to the ghost lady that lives in the haunted house on the other side of the hill.

And I'm supposed to get a special liquor from the tavernkeep. Hopefully "zombie juice" isn't as literal as the thread. I'm not particularly surprised to discover that he's out, but the tavernkeep promises to make some more for me if I gather some of the one ingredient he's missing.

It's made from "rot blossoms". They're flowers that only grow on occupied graves. Because that's not a gross thing to drink at all.

The last thing he needs me to get is a crate full of valuable herbs and expensive tools that he says was stolen from him by ogres a few nights ago.

I guess this must be it.

When I returned to the hermit with all his things, he had a new task awaiting me. It seems that some of the undead have been starting to get a little too bold, so he's asked me to clear out the ghouls from the nearby field. And while I'm at it, he's asked that I bring him some of the bones from the ghouls - he says that he can fashion a "zombie scarecrow" from them to discourage other undead from approaching.

Seems like an unpleasant thing to keep on your doorstep, but if the alternative is zombies, I guess it isn't too bad.

Having finished the old man's tasks, he's given me a few coins for my service, and he asked one final favor - that I deliver a letter to Darkshire's mayor. I was heading back that way anyways, so I agreed.

The letter wasn't good news. Turns out, I'd been duped. Abercrombie was actually a necromancer known to the townsfolk as The Embalmer, and he wanted the things I'd gathered to stitch together a monstrosity with which to attack the town!

The clamor of a fight rose from outside as the mayor finished reading the letter. "Please," he begged me, "if you have any decency, help the Night Watch slay that beast and save the town!"

It's not like he actually needed to ask. I would have helped anyway, and since it was really my fault, I couldn't just let this thing attack the town.

I think I've done enough damage here. In the morning I'm heading on to Raven Hill.