Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dog Days

On the way to Raven Hill, I was stopped by a Gilnean traveler named Fess. He explained that he was here on orders of King Greymane to investigate the worgen in the woods here. One in particular had caught his attention; it had been skulking around the nearby Yorgen Farmstead, and was exhibiting more intelligent behavior than the common worgen. Since the day was still young, I offered to see if I could help flush it out.

I found the worgen. Or rather, he found me. He knocked me over, and looked like he was about to pounce on me, but when I didn't draw my sword, he stopped. He looked almost human as he looked into my eyes for a second, and then he ran off back into the woods.

Fess was ecstatic. He'd had reason to suspect that the corpseweed that had overrun the farm had properties that could be used to counteract the madness of the worgen's curse, and he took this to be proof. He asked me to gather as much as I could, and deliver it, along with a note that Fess would pen in my absence, to Master Harris in Raven Hill. Since I wasn't really in a rush, I agreed.

Nobody told me it was going to fight back!
I hadn't really expected to be greeted in Raven Hill by a worgen. Master Harris explained to me that the worgen curse is permanent; there is no cure. But alchemists like himself know ways to restore the mind, especially when they're trying to hold onto their humanity, like the one I met seems to be. He's given me a sedative potion, and tasked me with returning to the Yorgen stead to capture it.

I captured the worgen, and Harris administered the draught. To our surprise, it didn't seem to have the desired effect; the worgen broke free of the restraints, and attacked Jitters, Master Harris' assistant. The potion must have worked though, because rather than rending the assistant apart, the worgen yelled at him, accusing Jitters of being the one who brought the worgen to Duskwood and claiming that he led the Dark Riders to the farm where they killed his family. The worgen threw Jitters aside, claiming that "I should kill you now for all the suffering you've caused me, but you don't deserve the easy way out."

The worgen introduced himself as Sven Yorgen. He told me that, before the worgen came to Duskwood, he had hired adventurers to slay Morbent Fel, the lich responsible for the undead overrunning the area. Since the undead are, obviously, still present, he's asked me to venture to Fel's home and slay him if he still survives, or bring back his remains if he was defeated.

I found no sign of the necromancer in the house. In one of the rooms upstairs, I discovered tattered and bloodstained wizard's robes, and the floor was caked with old blood, but there was no sign of a body. Sven asked me to speak with Sister Elsington, the worgen priestess that had accompanied Harris to Raven Hill, in the hopes that she'll be able to help be find and dispatch Morbent Fel.

Sven told me that, when he first sent heroes to slay Fel, they took with them an artifact of the Light, and Sister Elsington was able to tell me that she can still feel the presence of the Light in the area. I need to search the area to find the artifact, because without it, we'll never be able to defeat Morbent Fel.

I searched through the catacombs, and eventually found the shattered parts of the Lightforged Rod, and was able to reconstruct it. Delving even deeper into the catacombs, I was able to find Fel, and with the artifact, strip him of his defenses.

Hopefully, this time, he'll stay dead.

I don't think there's anything else I can do to help the people of Duskwood, so the next stop is Stranglethorn Vale.